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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

(Ross) SCENE 5: how i endure?

Day 6

Alack these days and the vicious lugubriosity that toils unremittingly to numb mine quivering breast,
Behold Malcontent, behold Disquiet; see the twain lay siege to mine kingdom with fortitude and zest,
Wanton, unabashed thievery practised in these here great halls hath staked dominion o’er faculty and wit,
Merriment and Joy, now abductees, dwell in dungeons, whilst Pleasure’s bounties art both exiled and forfeit.

‘Twas but near three score and some days ago that two industrious men of gentle and inebriated kind,
Sought to set to right the follies borne from misguided learnings and injudicious teachings of mind,
Brewing a literary elixir as cure for rampant philistinism, to bring chaotic order and the indifference of man to destroy,
Yet chiefly to tame the vociferous yearnings of unsettled minds then with no productive employ.

Wherefore this handsome duo failed in task can none with surety say,
Divided, one transcended, whilst t’other wandered hopelessly astray,
And while the former shed a tear on that fateful valedictory day,
The latter remained in jovial spirit, intransigent and very gay.

Solace then extended merciful palms and offered forth respite,
She dabbed mine eye, caressed mine brow, brought answer to mine plight,
‘Immerse thyself in letter and word,’ quoth she, ‘Therein find thine imbued might,
‘This counsel to thee I readily bequeath, let blindness be thy sight.’

Thenceforth did yen for regained kindredship lose sting, through transformation from wordless pauper to most high literary King,
Comma and Apostrophe bewitch with fine, curvaceous splendour, whilst Ellipsis, Dash and Colon halt midway with passionate, loving tender,
Such were mine brethr’n—powerful allies whom none could depose: Without them would I have fallen asunder…as would this line of prose.
Alas, sweet reprieve, thine deceiving vision did fail to hold mine gaze; super-ego and id then took toll on mind after some days.

If all truth be here known, mine mind, it did rebel, and from heavenly bliss was I thrusted into the vast shallowy depths of hell,
Hold the lie could I no longer, t’was then made crystal clear, language held no real beauty; not whilst I alone could hear,
Ere now was there but one lone soul who’d listen and take heed, others spake expletives and threatened with sordid deed,
In olde times yore did one stay true, oft preserving mine health and state; now I seek to reconcile with he that once saved me from a most miserable fate...

, i sure need that jive-ass mofo.